Cruise Safety and Security

Travelers may ask about the safety and security on cruise liners after the much publicised accident of the Costa Concordia. This huge luxury liner started it’s journey on 13th of January in 2012 from the port of Civitavecchia, Italy. There were 3216 passengers on board along with 1013 crew members making a total of 4229 souls that day on the ship. When it hit a rock near the coast of Isola del Giglio, water started to flow inside via a long breach in the hull. But it was not until one hour later that the passengers and crews were given the signal to be evacuated when crucial power supply was cut off due to the damage caused by the inflowing water. Furthermore, the flooded compartments finally caused the ship to tilt and sink to on it’s side.  A total of 32  people were killed. Although the majority were saved, this accident raised some questions about Italian cruise ship safety.

By all accounts, the Costa Concordia case was a rare incident, where ignorance and human error led to it’s sinking. Most people were rescued according to a reliable evacuation procedure so the security standards of the ship were not called into question. Almost all luxury liners today abide by the laws and regulations laid down by the International Maritime Organization (a UN agency founded for the security and safety of all ships including luxury liners). Luxury liners today ensure the safety of the passengers by building emergency exits leading to where life boats can be released. Security guards and experts visit the ships engine room on a 24-hour basis to make sure everything is working on an Italian cruise ship as it should.

Today Italian luxury liners offer greater security and comfort than ever before. Italian cruise comfort is important to the owners and well known throughout the world. Luxury cruise liners in Italy offer enough pampering and a range of customer services to fully satisfy the passengers in every possible way. Scrumptious food, exotic drinks, ball courts, lounges, clubs, room service and a wide range of other features are offered on luxury Italian cruise ships. Depending on where you are, luxury liners sometimes offer certain culinary delights only found in that area due to the regional limit of available ingredients. The same goes for beverages such as wine.

Unless all you want is lying round the whole day, luxurious Italian cruises offer fully equipped gyms, spa, beauty parlors and a range of other activities during day time. In the evening one can enjoy fine buffets along with live music. The variety ranges from relaxing classical music to more swingy ones (for those who like light dances). Sometimes the cruise administration also organizes concerts and evening programs hosted by known celebrities.