Other Italian Cruise Providers

Cruises are regarded as the ideal vacation activity for people with some time off. Nothing is more relaxing than the view from deck of an exotic sea while it stretches across the blue horizon. Italy is a country which, with its Mediterranean flair and pleasant climate, provides a perfect setting for cruising. For this reason many cruise companies offer their services in Italy. As far as the Italy Cruise ship is concerned, it is evident from the last article that Carnival Corporation & plc is the biggest provider. But there are a few other companies too that do not lag behind the market leader in terms of quality and service. In this article we will look at three of them: MSC Cruises, Viking River Cruises and Disney Cruises.

The MSC Cruises is an Italian seafaring company which provides quality Italian river, sea and ocean cruising. The MSC Italian cruises are divided into three classes i.e. Lirica Class, Musica Class and Fantasia Class. The company was formed in 1960’s and in 1995 it changed its name to MSC Cruises.  MSC cruise ships most often visit Venice, Rome, Naples and Florence. This Italian cruising company specializes in attractive deals for couples and families. The standard fleet facilities include food, beverage and dessert servings. Spa and club services are available to anyone who has booked them in advance. If capacity allows it, passengers can also access them spontaneously.


Viking River Cruises is an international company established in 1997. Working with a wide network of 35 fleets this company is trying to provide the best river cruising experience to passengers. The Viking River cruises in Italy sometimes select exquisite waterways taking passenger to rare sights otherwise not available in more standardized routes. Though it is a relatively new establishment Viking River Cruises due to its high and professional level of services has worked its way up the cruising ladder and  can nowadays can be considered as the biggest player in terms of river cruising. Viking Aegir, Viking Atla, Viking Baldur, Viking Embla and Viking Fontane are some of the amazing and beautifully designed concept ships that are offered to customers utilizing the services of Viking river cruising.

The Disney Cruise line is another company founded in 1996 which regularly offers cruises to and in Italy. This company is actually a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. It is working with four fleets i.e. Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Like the name suggests Disney Cruise Italy is a line that combines the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship with the bright and magical ambience of Walt Disney. Needless to say, it caters mostly to families with small children, who can enjoy many Disney-related events while on-board and even personal events such as birthday parties or funplay evenings.

Carnival Corporation & plc is undoubtedly the market leader, but they cannot fill every niche, which opens up opportunities for smaller company with innovative themes to jump in. MSC Cruises, Viking River Cruises and Disney Cruise are good examples of alternatives that have a firm place in the industry through their own sense of direction and style.