2 Types Of Italian Cruise

The boot-like shape of the Italian peninsula makes it an ideal region for cruises. Surrounded by seas, this peninsula is full of treats for tourists. The traveling experience in Italy is enhanced when one boards an Italian cruise ship to sail through heavenly rivers to reach dreamy Italian destinations. The cruise industry is one of the leading industries in Italy and has much to offer tourists who flock to Italy every year wanting to spend quality leisure time with family and friends.

There are two modes of cruising in Italy; one is known as the Italian River cruise (cruising along the river) and the other one is known as the Italy cruise shore tours or shore excursions. It totally depends on the tourist whether they want to board cruise ships only to reach desired destination in order to explore the city on their own or request the cruise company to book cruise shore tours.

The cruise shore tours are typically a kind of picnic organized by the cruise companies as an added package to river cruising. The cruise shore tours aim to maintain the level of amusement and interest during the span of trip. When the ship arrives at a port, the tourist guides take the visitors to famous locations and sites of that particular region. The most significant advantage of the cruise shore tours is that a visitor who wants to visit the location but has no clue where to start can just participate on the guided tour. All such activities are arranged by the cruise company and the tourists just have to pay an extra amount for that. Because cruise shore excursions are often an additional charge you should allow for this when planning ahead.

Concerning Italian river cruises, ships with a relatively narrow beam (width) are constructed so that they can reach virtually any part of navigable rivers. Imagine sailing along a river with a beautiful, untouched mountainous area around. This is scenery that is only possible via river cruising as the landscape around is difficult to access otherwise. Since river cruise ships are rather small or medium sized, there is usually no place for complex facilities such as luxurious restaurants, grand pools or exciting entertainment lounges. On the other hand, since less people are on board, one can expect closer intimacy and a more romantic feel. Because river cruises are more like sight-seeing tours on water, it makes to sense to book a one-way ticket only. For the return trip one can enjoy a different route.

Famous destinations to be reached via river cruising include Bologna, Verona, Ravenna, Florence, Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Pompeii, Capri, Rome, and Padua. Popular locations which must be seen via Italy cruise shore tours include Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Capri Island, and Cinque Terre, Lipari, Messina, and Genoa.