Cruise From USA To Italy

When traveling from the USA to Italy via an Italian cruise ship it takes almost 2 weeks. During that time the weather continuously changes so one must be prepared for warm windy weather and for cool water breezes. Cruises to Italy from the USA are available in different categories to meet the demands of a variety of travelers. Almost every cruise ship which sails from America to Italy can accommodate on average two thousand to four thousand passengers.

There are 3 kinds of cruises available from USA to Italy. One is a contemporary cruise which is suitable for people of all age groups offering a variety of on-board and off-board activities. Second is a premium Italy cruise with more delightful ambience offering fine food and more personal passenger services. Third one is a luxury cruise which gives an impression of not less than a country club with luxurious suites, lounges, food court, quality music and a range of other activities and services.

There are 3 USA ports which offer cruising to Italy. These 3 ports are the Everglades port in Florida; Fort Lauderdale in Florida, and port New York City in New York. Cruise to Italy from New York and Florida are the most common pathways used for transatlantic cruising. Many cruise companies offer the air fare along with the overall holiday package. When traveling on cruise to Italy from Florida or New York to Italy there is no direct cruising available. The cruise ship would stop at destinations including the Canary Islands, Spain, Caribbean, and Portuguese Islands on its way to Italy.

The most favorable weather for cruising from USA to Italy is in the summer season. The majority of USA citizens trvel to Italy via cruises from June till August.  During the months of September, May, and June special packages and discount rates are offered. If you plan to make cruise trip to Italy during the peak season then don’t forget to make a booking six month before to avoid any hassle.

Cruises from Florida to Italy usually sail during the spring season to service travelers who are budget conscious and can only afford more inexpensive fare rates. Most cruises from Florida start their journey from the port of Fort Lauderdale or Port Miami. All cruises from Florida to Italy are scheduled to depart  during the months of April and May and all cruises end at Italian ports of call. Cruises from Florida to Italy usually last from 7 to 15 days. Cruises which last 7 days make short stays at the ports of call but the long voyage cruises stop at different cruise destinations for some time so that travelers can enjoy an array of cultural diversities and natural displays of each destination.