Italian Cruise Voyages On The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest seas in the world lying between south-western Asia, Europe and Africa. The sea is spread across an area of 970,000 square miles with a greatest depth of about 16,000 feet off the Greek coast. Because of it’s location, the Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by twenty one countries from 3 different continents i.e. Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Mediterranean Sea has a higher salinity compared to that of the Atlantic Ocean and does not have much tidal variation. Major rivers which flow into the Mediterranean include the Po, Nile, Rhone and Ebro. The shores of the Mediterranean Sea are mostly mountainous. These shores often witness volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The region surrounding the sea has a dry and warm climate. There are nearly four hundred species of fish found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruise ships dock nearby Santorini, Greece, one of many ports in the Mediterranean Sea cruise guests visit each year. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Lindsey Maurice)

People who would like to cruise the Mediterranean Sea can look forward to seeing a diversity of cultures in the marvelous countries surrounding the sea. These countries have beautiful, splendid harbors and ports of call depicting the art and history of each particular region. Starting with an Italian cruise ship, sailing along the shores of Italy is one way to enjoy the mild breezes and relaxing scenery. Along the way a Mediterranean cruise around Italy will also make a halt at any important harbors for resupply and a chance for passenger to visit onshore.

Other cruise itineraries target destinations around the Mediterranean Sea, countries like Greece, Spain, Turkey and France are favorite places having a number of beautiful ports of call and cities to accommodate the incoming cruise ship. Mediterranean cruises from Italy to Greece, Turkey and France are the most sought-out among Italian citizens. Likewise Italy is a highly rated destination for European cruises especially from Greece and Turkey. Outside of Europe, USA to Italy trips and vice versa are also very popular.

Greece makes for one of the most sought-out Mediterranean cruise destinations on account of it’s numerous harbors, ports of call and islands. The abundant sunshine which bathes this region makes it ideal for cruise lovers. Cruise ships sailing toward Greece most frequently dock at Port Olympia and Port Athens. After Greece, Turkey is another hot cruise spot with Istanbul as a famous port of call. ¬†But other ports of call like Kusudasi, Kas, and Antalya are visited regularly too.

Istanbul waterfront

Apart from Greece and Turkey, Barcelona (Spain) is also an attractive cruise point. There are at least eight cruise lines from Barcelona to Italy and back. Cruise lines which sail through the Mediterranean Sea on their way from Barcelona to Italy include Disney cruise line, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Azamara Club cruises, Carnival cruises and Princess cruises. These cruise lines offer luxury and economical five day to nine day cruise voyages from Barcelona to Italy.