Visiting Rome and Naples

Rome is a beautiful city and one should spend at least a week or even a month to explore it’s charismatic beauty.  Rome is located on the Tiber River which is too narrow to be passed by a cruise ship.  Instead, a cruise ship would dock at the port of Civitavecchia, and travelers can board a bus from there to get into the main city. Rome is a popular destination for tourists because of the number of attractions it has. The St. Peter Basilica and Vatican Museum are the must see places in Rome if you are staying in the city for just one day. The Rome we witness today is a glamorous and vibrant city which seems to be paying tribute to it’s past glory. Rome being the capital of Italy has a variety of quality places to dine in, luxurious restaurants, hotels, cafes, vibrant streets and amazing squares.

Civitavecchia fort and harbour

Civitavecchia has been the only port for Rome  since A.D. 108. Civitavecchia itself is a small town with currently over 50,000 inhabitants. The port is a commercial one and you will not find many attractions except a tiny market, internet service, a deli and small shops outside the port. If your cruise only stops for one day at Civitavecchia, there are several ways to quickly get into Rome.

At a distance of one mile from the port, there is a train station which takes travelers directly to Rome. This is the fastest way.  Alternatively, you can take the bus, which will take approximately 1 and a half hour to reach Rome. Lastly small ships along the Tiber River can take you to Rome also. This might take the longest, but may stay truer to your original purpose. In Rome the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, The Capitoline Hill, Piazza Navona, Vatican museums, Vatican City, and St. Peter’s Basilica are all top attractions.

Naples or Napoli is the third largest Italian city with respect to population. It is linked with many

Stazione Maritima port

beautiful sites including Pompeii and Naples Bay making it a place worth visiting. Naples is a modern city with stunning historical monuments, narrow lively streets, small decorated shops and exotic displays making it a top tourist destination within Italy. Naples Italy cruise ships dock at Stazione Maritima port (the Naples Italy cruise port), outside the gates of which you will find a small shop, and few cafes.