Venice – The City Of Waterways and Bridges

Out of all the beautiful cities in the world few can compete with the ultimate beauty and charisma of Venice. The city looks like heaven on earth in movies and pictures but is even more breathtaking in reality. The enchanting Grand Canal, stunning waterways and artistic palazzos rising from the sea make it a place worth seeing. At one time, Venice dominated the Mediterranean Sea because it was considered to be a leader in the shipping industry. The city had immense wealth and was one of the most significant contributors to Europe’s artistic and historical treasures.

Venice is located in the north-east of Italy and the most wonderful port of call for cruise ships across the world. What makes Venice a treat for the eyes are the astonishing palaces, museums, historical churches and interesting culture. Venice has numerous narrow streets and canals on a network of almost a hundred islands. These streets and canals separated by bridges are the beauty of this city. The water cabs and boats that roam around the city over water give a soothing and pleasurable feel to the soul, mind and eyes. Venice is called the city of islands with canals and waterways providing people with the medium of transport. There are at least four hundred bridges built over the canals to allow people to walk around on foot.

If you plan a Venice Italy cruise then your ship is probably going to dock at the Venezia Terminali Passeggeri port. According to the map of Venice port, almost every cruise line which sails through the Mediterranean Sea docks at the port of Venice. Big cruise ships dock at Venezia Terminali port and smaller cruise ships dock at Stazione Marittima located near the neighborhood of Dorsoduro facing the canal of Giudecca.

When stepping out of the port there are a number of water buses and taxis to take you to your desired destinations. There are various luxurious and economical hotels in Venice  near it’s cruise terminal. You can plan a shore excursion to visit exotic places outside the Venice cruise port. Grand Canal, Peggy Guggenheim collection art gallery, Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa deo Frari church, basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, St Lucia and Verona are the best places to visit when touring Venice.

Don’t miss out on the chance of a romantic dreamy gondola ride in the evening, a delicious drink in St. Mark’s Square and a walk around the city at night. Venice is the classic favorite destination of people who board an Italian cruise ship because of it’s great ambience, waterways, sheer beauty of canals, artistic galleries and cathedrals this city offers.